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" Please leave my head and close the door behind you "


Linda Evans in Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

Where did you get that DVD cover from Dynasty?

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While browsing the webI stumbled upon that picture, don’t know who or why they made it, but because I’m a fan of both I had to post it. If it was real I would definitely watch it! And as I said before Jackie would have been really good in Dynasty! (Think Jackie in shoulder pads) 


bobby playing BOBBY

Bobby was in Dallas

soo this would make Bobby playing .. Alexis 

But none of them were named J.R Ewing, that’s for sure!

First episode

Simone Kleinsma in Dutch sitcom ‘Kees & Co’. Season one, two, three and four.

'Nobody is gonna stop me now'

I laughed to hard at this! God how do they keep this show so good!

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